What Breeds Of Chicken Have The Best Tasting Eggs?

Many people raise chickens to obtain good eggs and meet the needs of their family of eggs. But since there are many breeds of chickens, breeders may be confused. They do not know which breed will give them good eggs that have the best taste and highest nutritional benefit.

You do not have to be confused. We have carried this burden. In today’s article, We are telling you the chicken breeds that have the best-tasting eggs. We chose them based on the experience provided by many chicken breeders. In addition, they come from our continuous research to find out what is new.

What Breed Of Chickens Have The Best Tasting Eggs?

a lot of brown chickens

Here is our list of the chicken breeds proven by most farmers agreed that they produce the best tasting eggs:

  • Australorp
  • Rhode Island Red
  • Welsummer

Now let’s head to more interesting details about each one of them.


A strong and healthy breed and there is no need to worry about special health considerations for this chicken.

Australorp chicken holds a record for laying eggs. It was proven that a chicken of this breed laid the largest number of eggs in one year. It laid 364 eggs in a year, at an average rate of one egg every day, which is amazing! However, they normally lay around 250 to 300 eggs per year.

These chickens show great behavior in forging. They are very active and do not stop wandering and searching for their favorite meals of insects and small worms. This make them obtain a high percentage of protein. Which reflects positively on her egg, giving it higher nutritional value and a better taste.[1]

Finally, Australorp chickens are great for rearing in a backyard or open coop.

Rhode Island Red

If you want a premium taste and quality egg, you probably want to check this breed.

Its hens are famous for their strength and great ability to adapt to all kinds of environments. But she enjoys the most being in a wide yard. They are docile and gentle chickens, and active foragers.

The happiest time for them is roaming in a spacious yard feeding on grubs, seeds, and insects. You can consider them as pest control cleanup in the backyard!

They enjoy the outdoors and the afternoon sun. They also move about, curiously exploring all parts of the garden. This makes them very healthy and lays eggs of excellent quality and superior taste.

Most people raise Rhode Island Red Chicken for laying eggs. It is said that there is no chicken breed that lays eggs better than the eggs of this breed. Rhode Island chickens start laying eggs at 18-20 weeks of age, one hen lays about 200-300 eggs each year.

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Intelligent chickens with a very friendly and active nature.

they love to forage and are incredibly resourceful in obtaining food if they are kept in free range.

This breed lays large, delicious eggs that are famous for their dark brown color. The dark egg color is attributed to a brown substance called porphyrin. It is a dye that is placed on the egg as it passes through the oviduct.

The large brown egg produced by Welsummer often weighs about 2.3 ounces to 3 ounces. This is considered heavy compared to eggs produced by chickens of other breeds.

Although it produces large eggs of high quality, it is a seasonal egg layer. This means that it lays eggs excellently during the summer. However, productivity decreases greatly in the winter months. Despite this, Welsummer still is not considered a very weak egg layer, as it lays an average of 160 to 250 eggs per year.

These strains are among the most famous chicken breeds for their great egg taste. But of course, high egg quality cannot be attributed to these strains only. Even if the quality of good egg taste is genetically linked to a particular breed, You still have to take good care of your chicken. You have to provide high nutrition and good care for best results.

So let us explain some tips that help in obtaining eggs with the best taste from your chickens.

What Is The Meaning Of The Best Tasting Eggs?

Of course, good taste differs according to the tastes of one person and another. But when we talk about eggs, the best taste of eggs not only refers to what your tongue feels, but it also refers the high nutritional value.

These two characteristics (Taste and nutritional value) are closely related to each other. So whenever the egg has a high nutritional value, this is reflected in its taste and thus gives the best taste.

We had to clarify this point because that will change your concept of judging the taste of the best eggs. As it will be about the health benefits and not just enjoying a delicious taste.

It can be said that the best egg in terms of taste is the egg that has a good taste and smell. Meaning that the taste of eggs appears in it strongly, Its yolk is dark yellow and has a creamy texture, not light or liquid, and the egg’s white is somewhat solid, not too watery or liquid.

What Makes Chicken Give The Best Egg Taste?

Over the course of our great experiences in raising chickens. We have come to the conclusion that raising chickens in an open place where they move freely, receive open air and are exposed to sunlight is the most important factor for obtaining eggs of excellent quality and the best taste.

Accordingly, it is obvious that the chicken breeds that give the best taste of eggs are lively breeds that constantly roam and forage.

Let us name the most common breeds that have the best-tasting eggs, then discuss a detailed explanation of that.

Tips For Getting The Best Tasting Eggs From Your Chicken

Certainly, a fresh egg from the hens that you raise in your backyard is much better than the eggs that you buy from the market.

Hens on large farms do not receive the same opportunity as domestic chickens in freedom of roaming.

Farm chickens are confined in crowded numbers in a narrow range, and their food is limited to certain feeds, unlike yard chickens that receive a variety of foods.

So when you make a little effort to pay attention to your chicken, you will get eggs of excellent quality and taste. The most important points that you should pay attention to are the following:

Allow Free Roaming

Chicken is a very curious being by nature and resourceful in obtaining food. If the chicken is left to its own tools, it can instinctively search and obtain food that is useful to it without interference.

You will find it going for food choices that benefit it and enable it to produce healthy eggs.

Some may be surprised that chickens that eat eggs love insects and look for them everywhere to accuse them! We would like to make it clear to you that this is not strange, but rather an instinctive thing that God put in chickens. The protein, they get from insects and worms throughout the day is the secret behind producing eggs with high nutritional value and great taste.

In addition, The greens in your yard are high in xanthophyll which makes egg yolks such a gorgeous dark orange.

Clean Water

Clean fresh water is one of the important things in producing good-tasting eggs. So monitor the quality of the water that you put for the chickens and change it constantly to ensure that dirt does not accumulate in it.

Nest Boxes Are Clean

To keep your eggs clean, Provide enough covered nest boxes for chickens. Nest boxes should also be cleaned regularly to reduce the chances of bacterial growth. Also, do not allow the chickens to sleep in the nest boxes so that they do not defecate while they sleep and pollute them.

Using Natural Alternatives

We are all tired of farm chickens that are stacked in small pens and then tucked in with various types of antibiotics and medicines that enable them to survive in these completely unhealthy conditions.

Even if there is a lot of propaganda about these drugs and that they are in small proportions that do not affect the quality of chicken meat and eggs. This cannot be highly trusted! So let’s go back to nature’s alternatives and give up a little feed filled with antibiotics and other types of medicines.

Natural herbs can be added to chicken food.

They are available in all markets at very reasonable prices, but they have great benefits: oregano, calendula, rose, chamomile and lavender.

Garlic and alfalfa are also of great benefit, adding a clove or two of garlic to chicken food, whether you put them properly in the chicken drinking water or cut it and put it in the food, will protect your chicken from many diseases. ِِAs many studies have proven that Garlic contains natural antibiotics.

Oatmeal also has great benefits as it improves the digestion of food in chicken. You can also use eggshells as a great natural source of calcium.

Of course, there is no need to talk about the axioms of having chickens in a clean, well-ventilated place, warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

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