7 Longest Living Breeds Of Chicken That You Should Know

Some people raise chickens as pets and wish that they lived with them for a long time, so is it possible for chickens to live with you for a long time? Most chickens live for a period ranging from 5 to 10 years, and the life span of chickens varies depending on many factors, including the breed of chicken, nutrition, diseases, predators and other factors.

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What Is The Longest Living Breed Of Chickens?

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There are some chicken breeds that are known for their longevity more than other chicken breeds. Below is a list of longest living breed of chickens:

1. Plymouth Rock: 10-12 Years.

2. Bantam Breeds: 10+ Years.

3. Rhode Island Red: 8+ Years.

4. Orpington: 8+ Years.

5. Silkies: 7-9 years.

6. Cochins: 8-10 years.

7. Easter Egger 8-10 years.

Let’s take a brief overview of each of these breeds to know about their features and what are the reasons for having a longer age.

1. Plymouth Rock: 10-12 Years

Plymouth rocks are characterized by good genetic characteristics which is responsible for its comb color as well as being healthy, strong and disease resistant. So they are usually long-lived birds that can live with you for a long time from 10 to 12 years if you take good care of them.

Some exceptional birds of this breed have lived up to 20 years! If you are looking for a breed as a pet and suitable for the family, then it may be a good choice for you. They are known for being friendly towards children and adults, and they enjoy cuddling and chattering.

2. Bantam Breeds: 10+ Years

Bantams are smaller in size, but they live longer than medium-sized and even large chicken breeds. Bantams, especially Japanese and Dutch, are not cold tolerant. Therefore they require a warm and dry barn in order to stay healthy. [1]

Because it is small in size, It does not need much space or much fodder. It needs 1 square foot / bird, but preferably 2 square feet per bird in the barn With 4 feet / per bird for strolling and running. bantam birds will live with you for a long period of not less than 10 years.

People keep them primarily as pets to play with and be intimate with, as they are not a good source for eggs or meat.

3. Rhode Island Red: 8+ Years

Nice birds, easy to deal with, require little care, and enjoy good health most of the time. A strain that has a high degree of acclimatization in any environment, even if feeding is not the best thing.

They also tolerate cold or heat, but it is better to provide them with suitable accommodations and care for them to thrive. They live and do well whether they are in a free range or confinement setting.

They live long and reach about 8 years of age. However, they are not just pets. They are an ideal chicken breed for backyard breeding as they are great at producing eggs and meat.

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4. Orpington: 8+ Years

A good dual purpose breed, It is a gentle and calm bird. It can be taken as a pet If you have children because they are fluffy and big. In addition, they are very good at laying eggs, as they can produce enough eggs for your family.

Orpington can go out and roam in wide places. However, it is not a large forger, but prefers to remain seated around the feeder. It can live with you until the age of 8 years If you provide her with ideal conditions.

5. Silkies: 7-9 Years 

Silkies are a fairly strong and long-lived breed, they can live up to seven to nine years on average. It is a very friendly breed and loves to chatter. It is one of the few breeds that likes to stay in a small apartment, so it is very suitable for you if you do not have a lot of space.

Silkies can be raised as a pet that is very good to handle. It is not good for producing eggs.

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6. Cochins: 8-10 Years

Cochins are beautiful chickens that stand out for their delicate appearance. Therefore it is a good breed who are looking for a large, impressive and docile chicken. They do not tend to wander and accept confinement easily, and they do not peck profusely like other breeds.

This strain lives a long life, ranging from eight to ten years. 

7. Easter Egger: 8-10 Years

It is a hybrid chicken that produces eggs colored in colors such as blue, green and pink. Eiger is not a shy breed, but it gets close to people and is friendly with them. It is a wonderful breed as you have children because they are great with children, and children enjoy them very much because of their playful personality and colorful eggs.

They also lay eggs at a very good rate and can live a long life of eight to ten years.

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