3 Dumbest Chicken Breeds That You Need To Know

There are many breeds of chicken that have various characteristics. Of course, the behaviors and character traits of chicken differ from one breed to another. Each specific breed of chicken has certain characteristics that distinguish it from others.

When we talk about the characteristics of stupidity in chickens. It may be a little funny, but it is important for some chicken breeders.

What is The Dumbest Chicken Breed?

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In fact, there is no confirmed scientific study on stupidity in chickens. We did our research and monitored the opinions of breeders about the behaviors of their chickens. Fortunately, we reached some good results about the extent of chickens being stupid. The following strains were the ones that many breeders agreed were stupid:

  • Cornish
  • polish
  • Silkies

Let’s know more about their behavior, how they treat them, and why they are known to be dumb.


The Cornish breed is a breed that was developed in the nineteenth century. they were developed to compete with the breeds known for their fighting capabilities. That’s why it was initially called Indian Game Chicken.

However, it would not achieve its goal if it was not able to compete in the fighting ring. But in general, Cornish cocks tend to want to fight more than other chicken breeds.

They need more space to run and roam compared to regular domestic chickens. Their presence in a narrow place will make them do bad and aggressive behaviors. It also affects their health and makes them stiff.

The Cornish breeder points out that it is stupid, due to his strange and inappropriate behavior.

They eat with great greed until their crops overflow. They do not stop when they feel full, but they eat until the food comes out of their mouths. They also leave the clean straw allotted to them to rest and warm in it and lie in their excrement.

They also sleep on their feed in their food dish. Also, Cornish chicks tend to be cannibals more than other breeds.

This behavior begins with pulling or clicking feathers at a young age, when the chicks are a few days old. After that, it may escalate into violent clicking.


An old breed that came from the Netherlands, dating back to the fifteenth century. In the past, they were considered good egg layers, but recently they are mainly bred as ornamental birds.

This is because they are distinguished by their elegant and tidy head feathers. They are very docile and calm which makes them suitable for both children and beginners.

Although chickens are gentle, calm, and well-behaved some people describe them as stupid. They may have some strange behaviors. They also may cause a state of chaos and get nervous in the event that someone suddenly approaches them.

It requires you to make a sound while you are entering them. By sounds we mean whistling in a soft voice, singing, or calling out to them before reaching them.

In fact, it cannot be asserted that this is as stupid as it can be considered cowardice or fear. The thick feathers above their heads greatly reduce their vision. It makes them very unaware of what is around them.

They only see below them and do not see a comprehensive view of the sides and long distances.

Therefore, they are surprised when any object approaches them. They are also very vulnerable to bullying by other breeds.

They cannot escape from the attack. That’s why, they must be kept with other gentle, docile birds away from aggressive breeds.

It is also preferable to cut their thick head feathers and trim them first so that they can see well.

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Silky chickens are distinguished by their soft feathers that resemble fur instead of the usual feathers found in other chicken breeds.

Silk has thin hair-like feathers all over the body, head and feet, so some call it pom pom chicken. [1]

Although Silky chicken is very calm and is a good breed for breeding in homes to play with children and is suitable for beginners.

However, some people consider it stupid. They rarely make sounds, and even when they do, they do so very quietly. They are very peaceful and cannot defend themselves.

Why Do Some People Care That Chickens Are Dumb Or Not?

Some people keep chickens as pets to have fun and play with. They want to take these birds as friends. That’s why they are interested in teaching them certain behaviors that make them more suitable for dealing with them in their daily lives.

Therefore, if the chicken is dumb, then it does not respond to any things that its owner trains it for. So it will cause a great mess in the house as it ruins food and furniture and causes inconvenience to family members.

Finally, as we mentioned at the beginning, these are just the opinions of some breeders. It is based on their ideas and personal nature. So it cannot be taken as a general rule. What you like may not be liked by others, and so what annoys you may suit others.

Since you cared about the dumbest chicken breeds, we think that you maybe more interested about the smartest chicken breeds which you can access from here.

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