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You’re Probably Asking Who Is The Guy Behind This Farming Website?

The Daily Farming was created by farming and nature lovers who felt frustrated by the low quality and underserved topics found online. (Honestly, there are top notch information also!)

Hello! My name is Ali Tarek & with the help of my older brother, we created a team that takes farming as one of their different passions!

We live in a small town that depends on farming and agriculture as its main source of income. We ourselves owns a farming land and have some farmers working with us on it.

While checking for some information online, we noticed that there are a lot of topics that aren’t covered thoroughly online that we think many farmers worldwide would like to know.

This is when The Daily Farming was invented. we realized that thousands of other farming lovers maybe are facing the same sorts of issues and much of the information you can find on the internet may not be exactly suitable for them.

We want to help other farmers by putting the best content we can offer online. We want farming to be less complicated for beginners and experts as well.

We took our time in research before publishing any piece of content on this website.

Now, it’s our chance to put together the content that we could never find online during our many searches.

So, waste no more time and head to our best farming guides on:

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