The 3 Smartest Chicken Breeds You Need To Know

We usually consider chickens as mere creatures that we raise to benefit from their meat and eggs only. We do not pay much attention if they think or understand. Many of us believe that chickens search for food and drink only without having thought or intelligence. This is not true! Chickens enjoy as much High intelligence, contrary to what many expect!

In our article today, we will learn more about chicken intelligence. Keep reading!

What Breed Of Chicken Is The Smartest?

Two Chicken standing On The Grass

It cannot be said for sure that there is one breed that is the smartest chicken. As we mentioned, intelligence is a known characteristic in all breeds of chickens. There are many chickens that have already shown intelligence.

So, limiting them to one breed will be difficult, especially since there is no confirmed study on that. But based on the opinion and experiences of many chicken breeders. In the following lines, we are listing some chicken breeds that farmers think are among the smartest chicken breeds:

  1. Delawares
  2. Australorps
  3. Speckled Sussex

Now let’s talk about each breed of them with a bit of details:

1. Delawares

Delaware is a medium-sized breed that is good at producing meat and eggs. Its body is long and wide. Roosters weigh about 7-8 pounds and hens about 6 pounds. They are very popular as a chicken suitable for small backyard farms and homes as a dual-purpose breed.

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Delawares are known to be very smart. You will find that they love to explore and move around every corner of the yard. They have a great deal of curiosity. They also love to roam the free range very much. You do not need to worry when they are outside as they roam very intelligently.

They can easily remember your place and go back to their home. Although they are white birds, they are very smart and are able to circumvent and escape if they are in danger. So you rarely find that they have been harmed by predatory animals.

Mostly you will find them calm, friendly, and always curious about what you do. Finally, they enjoy being with their breeders and interacting with them. You may find them chatting with you and helping you in gardening tasks by eating insects and small worms.

2. Australorps

This is a healthy heritage breed. They are dual-purpose birds, as they lay the equivalent of about five medium-sized, light brown eggs/week.

They are also large birds, as male cocks weigh from 6 to 8 pounds, females from 5 to 7 pounds, and billet (females) weigh from 5 to 7 pounds at maturity.[1]

They are highly intelligent birds. You will notice that they behave smartly with you as they are likely to be with you around the yard and call you in search of any treats from you.

Australorps are very gregarious birds, they love to roam free and enjoy searching for bugs and crumbs in the yard. Therefore, placing them in a wide place is very good and beneficial for them.

Keep in mind that Australops may be prone to obesity if they remain in confinement for long periods. They are also excellent at acquiring skills and learning, as once you train them, they will be good to use in shows and they will make a lot of money for their owners.

3. Speckled Sussex

Sussex is an excellent egg laying breed, laying an average of 4-5 large brown eggs per week.

They reach maturity relatively quickly, in about 20 weeks or so. They are Good meat birds too. At maturity, roosters weigh about 9 pounds, and hens about 7 pounds. It has its own meat flavor, the Sussex spotted meat is white/pink in color and somewhat tender.

As for their intelligence, this appears through their very curious nature. They will follow you anywhere and look for rewards from you, and you may find them calling you to talk to you. They will tolerate confinement, but they love to run and move around in the free range. They enjoy foraging for tasty meals from bugs and pests in the yard. Very resourceful and intelligent birds, so they can protect themselves if they are exposed to predators.

As we mentioned above, there are many breeds of chicken that are very intelligent. Therefore they cannot be identified or limited in number. You will find out for yourself when you actually raise chickens.

How Actually Smart Is Chicken?

Chickens are really incredibly smart. Chickens have complex nervous systems and well-developed sensory capabilities. Chickens, like us, feel cold, heat, and pain, and have highly developed visual capabilities that make them see in a wider range of colors than humans.

Chickens learn very quickly compared to other animals, birds, and even humans. Studies on the intelligence of chickens confirmed that chickens have the ability to master various skills. They can also develop many abilities in a short time, while a human child can take months and years to learn them.

Chickens have some understanding of numbers and have the basic arithmetic abilities of some other animals. Chickens can perform simple arithmetic operations. A study found the presence of arithmetic abilities in young chicks, even in the absence of any training, the chicks were able to automatically distinguish between two and three.

Chickens are so intelligent that they can recognize up to 100 faces! In addition, they associate the faces they interact with positive or negative experiences. They show love and affection for the people they love and care for, and they turn away from people who abuse them.

Chickens are very curious and notice any change around them, and they can express that and pass it on to others.

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