The Playful Side of Silkies: What Do They Like To Play With?

You may be surprised when you know that Silkie chicken gets bored! This is what really happens, Silkie gets bored like humans and wants to play and have fun constantly.

If a silkie chicken is not sufficiently physically and mentally stimulated to release its energy, it will be susceptible to health and behavioral problems, including cannibalism, bullying, egg eating, feather pulling, and obesity.

So what does Silky chicken like to do and how can it be entertained? This is what you will discuss in the following lines. Come with us on this fun journey to explore Silkie’s hobbies.

What Do Silkies Like To Play With?

Black And White Silkie Chicken

Silkies generally enjoy doing a variety of activities like perching, dust pathing and pecking at objects. They also like foraging which they when they are looking for food. These are considered natural behaviors for them. They also enjoy playing with items like foraging toys and like any other animals or bird they man have their own preferences.

Natural Behaviours Of Silkies

Dust Bathing

Silkie loves a dust bath like other chickens, but rather it needs it more because of its thin feathers, which are vulnerable to lice and mites. Silkie searches for the dust to wallow in it and throws its feathers to expel the external parasites that infect it.


Silkie chickens love to forage and search for food not in order to obtain food only. but this is a good opportunity for them to show their natural behavior, which gives them a kind of luxury and happiness.


Chickens sleep on perches, as it is an instinctive behavior in them. so at night, you will find them looking for any high place to spend the night standing upright on it. So the branches of the trees that the chickens are looking for to perch on should be knitted, and suitable perches provided for them.

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Play Items For Silkies

A. Foraging Toys

What are foraging toys?

Foraging toys are toys that are designed from natural materials to encourage birds to search for food and encourage eating and social interaction. And helping chickens spend their time in an entertaining way.

Different types of foraging toys 

There are many types of fodder toys such as hanging feeders, and treat balls.

All made of natural materials such as bamboo, coconut, sisal, coir, willow, seaweed, loofah, seashells, and pine wood. The colors are made from non-toxic vegetable dyes to be safe for the health of chickens.

How foraging toys benefit Silkies

Foraging toys encourage chickens to search for food, relieves boredom, and reduce feather plucking. It provides mental and physical stimulation and relieves anxiety.

B. Perches And Platforms

Importance of perches and platforms for Silkies

As we mentioned, birds need perches to satisfy their natural feeling of needing to stay in a high place, especially at night, in order to protect themselves from predators.

Different types of perches and platforms 

Natural perches can be used as tree branches or hay bales. You can buy wooden perches and platforms from an online store or a bird supply store. They are designed to mimic the tree branch system that chickens are used to.

How to choose the right size and height of perches for Silkies?

The height of the perches should be about 8 by 16 inches as the silks, as the silks can jump through this range, if the perches are higher than that the silks will not be able to reach them.

The size does not matter much, choose the appropriate size for your space, it is enough to fit the legs of the chicken and there is enough space around it to accommodate the size of the chicken.

C. Dust Bathing Areas

Importance of dust bathing for Silkies

Dust baths help chickens get rid of external parasites such as lice and mites. Silkies like to take dust baths in any weather. so a sheltered area that is dry and free from harm should be provided to allow them to take their dust bath safely.

Dust bathing helps your Silkie chickens to keep their feathers healthy and it is also a good behavior for their mental health.

How to create a dust bathing area?

You can create a dust bath with ease, using anything stable with enough space and little high edges to contain dust. You can use large flower pots or large plastic containers, children’s sand pits, or any suitable place.

How to choose the right sand or dirt for the dust bath?

You can dig anywhere in your yard and take a quantity of dirt and use it for the chicken dust bath. Sand is also a good option for a dust bath. You can mix sand with dirt to get high-quality dust. sand removes parasites and exfoliates dead skin pieces. [1]

It also helps to expel moisture from the dirt, thus preventing it from compacting or turning into the mud over time.

D. Toys For Enrichment

Different types of toys Silkies enjoy 

There are many chicken toys to keep them moving and active. You can make them yourself or buy them if you don’t have time for them. Chicken toys include Cricket tubes, Precision Pet Chicken Treat Ball, Chicken Swing and Hanging Loofah, and Shredded Paper Toys.

How to introduce new toys to Silkies?

Offer toys to the chicken and try to play with your Chicken. you will notice that it will start to get to know it and try it, it will master and enjoy it with time.

Safety considerations when choosing toys for Silkies

Silkie toys should be made of materials that are safe for chickens, and to be flexible, and not cause injury or harm to chickens.


Do Silkies Play?

Yes, silkies love to play and have fun and run around looking for toys.

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Do Silkies Get Bored?

Yes, silkies get very bored, and they do not like to be alone without any entertainment, but rather he loves to be in a herd and play with others.

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