How Much Does A Holstein Cow Eat Per Day?

Holstein cows are an important source of milk production in many countries. Holstein is the dominant dairy breed in the United States, so taking good care of them and feeding them properly will benefit you greatly. Holstein cows never deny what it takes from you, but rather it overwhelms you with abundant milk and meat production that you reap from behind a large profit.

So come with us on a simplified tour of feeding Holstein cows and the amount of feed they eat per day.

How Much Does A Holstein Cow Eat Per Day?

Cows are eating

Holstein cows need to eat 21 to 26 kg of feed per day. This may be a high average in relation to what other cows eat. Most breeds of dairy cows need from 18 to 25 kg of feed per day. Depending on its production.

The increase in the amount of feed for Holstein cows is due to the fact that they require 8 to 12% more energy than cow breeds to meet their maintenance and production energy requirements.

Holstein cows produce a large amount of milk, more than any other breed, it is the most milk-producing cow breed in the world. There are also other factors that require more energy, such as their large size, which needs energy to build muscles.

They are also excellent strains in meat production. Their thin skin and light hair, and their retention of less subcutaneous fat, all make them more vulnerable to environmental stresses, such as cold, rain, mud, snow, or wind. Which makes them consume more amounts of feed than other bovine cows.

After we got acquainted with the number of kilograms that the Holstein cow eats, it was the turn of an important point, which is the type of food that must be provided to the Holstein cows. A cow needs balanced food like a human being to survive healthy, grow at a normal rate, reproduce, and produce milk.

What Is The Best Food To Feed A Holstein Cow?

The best food for cows is the one that contains a balanced mixture of feed, grains and nutritional supplements. Let us explain more in some detail. Cows receive nutrients from two main types of food:

1. Feed

It is plant fiber material such as corn stalks, sorghum, or processed fodder.

Good forages for dairy cows include grasses like Rhodes Kikuyu, napier, Brachalia Boma, lucerne hay, sweet potato vines, desmodium, sorghum, maize, etc.

2. Concentrates

Concentrates are nutritious feeds that are high in protein and energy, either from grains and seeds, or manufactured in different formulas such as milk powder, wheat bran, corn germ, seed cakes, and undiluted molasses.

Feeds are available in agricultural stores in a variety of ratios. You can use any three feed/concentrate ratios: 60/40, 50/50, and 40/60. Also keep in mind that the cow’s feed contains minerals, as the average cow needs about 200 grams of minerals per day.

Therefore, providing dairy cows with a balanced diet that contains all the nutrients your cow needs is very important to meet the cow’s requirements for pregnancy, milk production and growth.

How Many Liters Of Water Do Cows Drink?

Water is also an important factor within the feeding program for Holstein cows, especially during lactation and milk production.

A fully grown dairy cow needs an average of 80 to 120 liters of clean water so the water trough should be cleaned daily regularly to remove dirt and organic matter to prevent germs from multiplying.


How many kg does a dairy cow eat per day?

A lactating cow consumes dry matter equal to at least about 3 percent of its body weight to keep it productive. For example, if you have a cow weighing about 600 kg, you should feed them at least 18 kg of feed per day.

How many Liters does a Holstein cow produce a day?

Holstein cows usually produce between 30 and 40 liters of milk per day.
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How often do you need to milk a Holstein cow?

Most Holstein dairy cows need to be milked two to three times per day. [1] Cows will produce milk on average, six to seven gallons each day.

How many times do you feed a dairy cow?

Two to three times as usual, in addition to an additional meal after each time she enters the milking parlor, at a rate of 6 times a day.

How much feed does a cow need to produce 1 Liter of milk?

A cow needs 1.25 to 1.44 kg of feed to produce 1 liter of milk.

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