What Are Holstein Cows Good For? 2 Reasons That Attracts Farmers!

Holstein cows are a very well-known breed, their name is familiar to many. As they are the most famous breed of dairy cows.

Holstein is well known for their distinctive black and white markings that appear in most animals of this breed. You can find some Holstein with distinctive markings as well, but in red with white instead of black Color.

The characteristic red and white color is a recessive trait that appears when all cows and bulls have this gene, whether it appears on them or they carry it within their genetic genes only.

What Are Holstein Cows Good For?

black cow with white head

Here are the 2 main benefits of raising Holstein cows in our opinion:

  • Holstein cows are good at producing milk, as they are the most famous breed of dairy cows, which are famous for their high milk production compared to other breeds. Some call it a milking machine, due to its enormous ability to convert the feed it provides into an abundant amount of milk. It plays an essential role in providing milk needs in many countries and represent the economy of many investors.
  • Holstein cows produce soft, marbled meat that is free of fiber and easily chewed. Its meat has a good market and is served in many restaurants.

Holstein cow is the main source of milk in the United States. They produce an average of about 25,000 pounds per year. Although Holstein cows are mainly raised for milk production, they are also good at meat production, especially since they have large weights. The average cow weighs about 1500 pounds. Below are some Holstein cow milk characteristics:

Holstein Milk Fat Percentage

The normal values ​​of fat in the milk of Holstein cows range from about 3.7 percent, which is a low percentage. The normal fat percentages of raw milk produced by cows range from about 3.3% to 5%. Therefore, the milk of Holstein cows does not produce much butter.

Holstein Milk Quality

Holstein cow’s milk does not have a high nutritional value because it also contains low levels of protein. Holstein’s milk protein ranges around 3.1 percent while the average protein in cow’s milk is around 3.5 percent. [1]

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Why Are Holstein Cows So Popular?

Holstein cows are so popular due to their large production of milk. Holstein cows produce around 25–30 kg a day, which makes them a major source of milk production in many countries

What Are The Disadvantages Of A Holstein Cow?

The clearest disadvantage of a Holstein cow is that it is not resistant to heat, and cows often suffer from dystocia due to the large size of calves.

Are Holstein Steers Good For Meat?

Yes, as beef from finished, Holstein steers has good qualities that made it an important product in the meat market. Holstein veal comes with a delicious taste and distinctive tenderness.

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