4 Chicken Breed That Jumps The Highest

Some people often wonder if chickens have feathers like other birds that fly, but they do not fly.

This could be something real because chickens do not fly as we are used to in birds such as pigeons and sparrows, but there are some chicken breeds that can jump so high that they can reach high heights and skip Barriers.

When a chicken breeder intends to buy some chickens for his barn. He may be interested in many things related to the type of chicken, including the ability of chickens to jump, as chickens that jump very high may not be suitable for some barns, or they need certain precautions to raise them without them going far and escaping from the barn.

Therefore, we will provide you with the most important information about how far chickens can jump, to what height they jump, and what chicken breed jumps the highest. Let’s dig deeper.

What Chicken Breed Jumps The Highest?

A brown chicken standing alone

Here are 4 breeds of chicken known for their ability to jump high by most breeders:

  • Leghorns
  • Hamburgs
  • Old English Game
  • Bantams

Now, let’s talk about them in a bit of detail:


A very active breed, they love the free range and enjoy foraging and moving around the yard looking for bugs and insects.

They can fly well and are often found perching on high points. They do not like confinement, so raising them in a wide yard and not in narrow cages is preferable, because that stresses them out and makes them aggressive. Although it is full of vitality and activity and loves the free yard, being a wonderful breed in laying eggs (lays an average of 4-6 eggs every week), brought her harm.

This ability was exploited by accumulating these lively and energetic birds in very crowded cages or barns under artificial light and batteries that rarely see daylight.


Hamburg is famous for its great ability to fly so high that it can climb to the tops of trees and rooftops and loves to wander and explore. It thrives in free range, Where it can fly efficiently and jump high.

What increases her ability to fly is its light weight. The roosters weigh around 5 to 6 pounds, and hens are around 4 pounds. If you intend to raise Hamburgs in the backyard, it is best to have it covered, or to have a high fence of 6 feet. Clipping their wing feathers is also important to reduce their ability to fly.

Old English Game

Game birds are a breed known for their great strength, they were raised in the past mainly for cockfighting.

They have a strong physical structure that enables them to fly and jump to high heights. They have Compact muscular bodies and broad shoulders. Their feathers are tight to the body, especially the tail feathers, they are wide and strong. This makes them large and distinct from the tail of other breeds.

They have long necks with strong heads. This breed likes to roam in free range. They are good foragers, they can easily fly, perch in trees and fly over rooftops. They do not tolerate confinement as they never like to be confined and may exhibit annoying behaviors if caged.[1]

Therefore, if you intend to raise this strain, you must allocate a wide yard for them, taking into account that its fence is high, not less than 6 feet.


A breed characterized by its small size, its body is smaller than normal chicken size. It is one of the best flyers because its small body makes it easy for them to jump and fly higher. They love to jump up and sit on top of trees so you will find them most of the time perching in trees rather than on the ground with larger breeds.

It’s also characterized by long living. This breed can live for more than 10 years which makes it the second longest living breed after Plymouth rock.

How High Can Chicken Jump?

Chicken often jumps either in search of food or to escape from predators or while playing with their friends in the herd, but usually, different chicken breeds jump at different distances and different heights.

In general, chickens jump to a height of 4-6 feet (1.2-1.8 meters). While some chickens can jump up to 10 feet (3 meters) for an average distance (15 meters) if you leave them in a free range.

Factors That Determine The Ability Of Chickens To Fly And Jump

Chickens jump as we mentioned, but not the same in all breeds, as chickens’ jumping abilities differ depending on several factors, the most important of which are:


Usually, chicks run faster than older chickens and also jump higher.

This is because the greater the age of the chicken, the heavier its weight and the greater the fat in its body.

Therefore the feathers cannot carry all this weight to a higher height. While the young chicks enjoy a lighter weight with greater muscle mass and less fat, thus they can rise to higher heights.


The ratio of leg length to body weight plays a major role in the ability of chickens to fly. The higher the ratio of leg length to body weight, the higher their ability to jump, so that smaller chickens can fly better than larger chickens.


Genetics also plays a role in the ability of chickens to jump.

There are breeds famous for their ability to jump as a result of genetic characteristics that enable them to do so. While there are some strains that do not have the ability to jump high due to their genetic makeup, which is reflected in the shape of their body and feathers.

How To Prevent Chickens From That Jumping Far Away?

to prevent chickens from that jumping far away, The following can be done:

Suitable Building

From the beginning, you must design the chicken coop to have a fence at a height of 6 feet to make sure that your chickens are not likely to jump out of the yard frame.

Some novice chicken breeders may rely on the fact that chickens often do not fly, and put them in a yard with a short fence. This makes them vulnerable to exit Away since many breeds of chicken can get over a 4-foot fence.

Wing Clipping

Wing clipping is done to limit the chicken’s ability to jump and fly. This is done by reducing the force generated by the bird with its feathers to obtain a lifting force that keeps it flying in the air.

There is no need for wing clipping if the chickens are kept in a covered coop, or if they are heavy breeds that rarely jump or fly.

What Breeds Of Chickens Can’t Jump?

There are some breeds of chicken that cannot fly or jump high, and this may be either because of their weight or the nature of their feathers.

For example, there are chicken breeds such as Orpingtons and Australorps. They can’t jump higher because of their heavy weight, they can only jump very short distances to reach the roosting perch.

As for the nature of chicken feathers, it greatly affects the chicken’s ability to fly and jump.

For example, Silkies are a breed that cannot fly or jump high, because their thin feathers resemble fur, unlike the nature of ordinary chicken feathers (smooth and have a thick column that extends downwards). This fur makes all the hairs of the feathers separate from each other, which makes it unable to fly.


Can chickens jump over fences?

Yes, some chicken breeds can jump through the fences, especially if the fences are not high, so it is preferable to keep the chickens in a barn with a fence about 6 meters high to avoid them leaving the barn.

What is the highest a chicken can jump?

For a while, The world record for a chicken flight was 301.5 feet But it has been retracted in recent years. The highest a chicken can jump is 6 feet higher.

Will chickens jump a 4-foot fence?

Yes, many chicken breeds can jump a four-foot fence, even heavy breeds. In some cases when chickens are motivated or being chased, they’ll jump higher than a 4-foot fence.

How high can a chicken jump with clipped wings?

Chicken cannot jump high with clipped wings. They will jump 2-3 feet at their best.

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