How Many Potatoes Does It Take To Grow Potatoes In A Potato Bag?

Farming is a great hobby that many prefer, but unfortunately, not everyone have enough space to practice it.

However, farming lovers how don’t have the required space aren’t left to despair, as there are various methods of cultivation in the narrowest spaces. One of the vegetables that doesn’t need that large space is Potatoes, which makes it a perfect choice for those with limited space.

One of the most popular way to grow Potatoes in limited spaces is using Potato bags. However, a question that have been popping up in their mind recently , How many Potatoes does it take to grow potatoes in a Potato bag?

In this article, we’re shedding light on this question, in addition to some important tips on how to grow Potatoes in Potato bags. We also didn’t forget to answer some of you most asked question regarding this topic. Keep reading!

How Many Potatoes Does It Take To Grow In A Potato Bag?

Growing potatoes in a bag

Usually, 4 potatoes can be planted efficiently in a potato growing bag. Indeed, the number of potatoes that can be grown in a bag is a very important factor. Increasing the number of potato fruits beyond the permitted number can negatively affect the entire potato cultivation process or may lead to spoiling it.

It will lead to a reduction in the space available for each potato fruit in addition to decreasing the portion of nutrition required for each fruit.

Although the decrease in the number of potatoes in the bag is not bad for its growth, it may be a loss for you from the economic side. Reducing the number of potatoes does not exploit the soil and the entire area. It also produces a smaller crop while requiring the same time and care as a larger number of potatoes.

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How Many Potatoes Can You Grow In A 5-Gallon Grow Bag?

There is a general rule to help you determine the number of potatoes in each bag. Each potato plant needs a capacity of about 2.5 gallons to grow well. According to this rule, you can find out the appropriate number for the capacity of each bag. So if you have a 5-gallon bag, it will be enough for two potato plants.

How To Grow Potatoes In A Bag? And The Important Tips 

Now, here is a brief step-by-step guide to growing Potatoes in a bag along with some of the must crucial tips that we think you should know:

1. Planting Bag

Choose an appropriate planting bag for the number of potato plants you want to plant. As noted above, 8- to 10-gallon bags are the most common sizes. It is preferable that the bag be durable so that it does not deteriorate quickly when opening, closing or moving it.

You can use a bag of rubble, a burlap bag, or a jute. Important Tip, Punch some small holes in the bottom of the bag for drainage and to prevent the bag from becoming waterlogged.

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2. The Soil 

Fill the bag with about 4-5 cm of soil, and then place the potato plants. Keep in mind that soil is a very important factor. Experts say that potatoes grow best in soil rich in organic matter that is deep, well-drained, light, and loose.

Soil pH is also an important factor. Potato plants grow best in acidic soils with a pH ranging between 4.8 and 5.5.

3. Put Potatoes 

Potatoes on their hand

Plant four grains of potatoes, whether whole or cut. separate them by about 20-30 cm. Put in your mind that each fruit, whether intact or cut, will produce only one plant, but it is said that cutting potatoes into smaller parts speeds up their growth. Cover the plants with about an additional 3 inches of soil.

4. Sunny Place

Place the bag in a well-ventilated, bright place, and keep it away from frost. Although potato plants thrive in the winter and spring, the very cold and frosty weather is detrimental to them.

5. Add More Soil

Watch your planting and when the potato plant begins to grow green sprouts, add more soil and cover the tops of the potato sprouts with soil well. Keep working like this each time buds appear until the bag is full.

6. Watering

Watering potato plants is somewhat different from other plants. Although it is very important and vital, it has specific measures in potato plants. excessive watering in excess of what is required leads to rotting and corruption of plants. Also leaving it without enough water will lead to a halt in growth tubers.

So what is the appropriate standard for watering potato plants? When the top few centimeters of potato soil feel dry when you touch it with your

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7. Do Not Cover

When the potato’s green leaves appear, don’t cover it up and open the bag so the plants can continue to grow.

8. Harvest

And here comes the happiest step in your potato-growing journey. When the leaves and stems turn yellow, harvest the potatoes. If you plant them in a plastic bag you can cut them to harvest potatoes.

You can empty the contents of jute, burlap, or canvas bags onto a tarp sheet to collect your crop. Store your crop well so that the potatoes are not spoiled.


How Many Potatoes Can You Grow In A 10-Gallon Bag?

As we mentioned earlier, you can grow about four potatoes in a 10-gallon bag.

How Deep Does A Grow Bag Need To Be For Potatoes?

The soil depth varies in the potato bag. It is not a specific number, because the soil is placed in layers and stages as follows: Initially, you should fill the bag with the moistened soil mixture to a depth of about 4 inches.

Then place the potato seeds on top of the soil and cover the seeds with another 3 inches of soil. When you notice the plants grow to about 8, add more soil. Add about 4 inches of the well-dampened soil mixture.

Let your plants grow again and wait until they have grown about 8 more and then add a new layer of soil. Thus, repeat the process of adding soil, until the bag becomes full, and the entire soil mixture is used.

What Is The Best Size Grow Bag For Potatoes?

A bag with a capacity of 10 gallons will be very suitable, you will be able to take care of it and put it in a small space. generally, most potato bags have a capacity of 8 to 10 gallons, so you will find them easily

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