How To Stop Ducks From Pooping In Your Yard/Pool/Dock?

I love my ducks very much and entertain them around me while they play and have fun. I take them home with me but they follow me everywhere and make a lot of mess and dirt because of their excessive poop!

I tolerate that when they are in their enclosure as it is their own place. However, they may over-poop in my private spaces and spoil them.

I might find them going down to my private swimming pool and swimming happily and also pooping a lot! and here I am almost exploding with rage! What should I do to control these disasters?

Ducks are known to poop a lot by nature. They cause chaos in the areas around you. It doesn’t just stop there. As duck droppings contain many pathogens capable of infecting humans!

There are dangerous types of bacteria and fungi in duck droppings such as Campylobacter, Cryptosporidium, and Escherichia coli Salmonella! Therefore, the droppings of ducks must be handled with care, especially if they are roaming around you so that you do not suffer any harm.

Therefore, in the coming lines, we will address the most important tips that help stop ducks from pooping in your yard/pool/dock. Let’s go deeper into the details.

How To Stop Ducks From Pooping In Your Yard/Pool/Dock?

Four White Ducks At Yard

Most methods are intended to stop ducks from pooping in your yard/pool/dock to keep ducks away from these areas. There is no way to stop ducks from popping literally because ducks naturally defecate uncontrollably just like they eat and drink! Means of stopping ducks from popping include:

  1. Feeding The Ducks Sensibly.
  2. Duck Spray Repellent.
  3. Acoustic Insect Repellent.
  4. Ultrasonic Sound.
  5. Fake Decoy.
  6. Small Mirrors.
  7. Putting Fake Predators In The Pool.

Now, let’s get into the details:

Feeding The Ducks Sensibly

Ducks have a very fast metabolism. The average duck can defecate about 15 times a day! An adult duck can defecate every half hour, depending on the amount of food it eats. Giving the ducks excessive food will make the ducks eat more food, which will increase their defecation rate.

So trying to control the duck’s food intake will be helpful in reducing the rate of defecation. This does not mean at all that you deprive the ducks of food until they are relieved from their defecation! As this will be very harmful to their health and expose them to emaciation, And above that the ducks will defecate frequently as usual, regardless of the food you give them.

You should never fill the duck feeders with more food than is necessary as this will cause the ducks to eat more. You need to supply the duck feeders with just enough quantity so that excessive defecation is avoided and the ducks can thrive.

When you decide to raise ducks and take them as pets with you in your home, it will take you some time to clean up behind the ducks’ defecation. So keep this in mind and don’t take it Upset as every pet requires a certain type of care.

Duck Spray Repellent 

You can use spray repellent on the place you want to protect from duck poop. There is a set of sprays made of natural essential oils that emit a pungent smell that makes ducks panic and run away from the place. It will not harm the ducks, but it works to keep them away only because of its smell.

The ducks will find the place disturbing and look for another place that is not treated with this spray. You can order it from an online store or from stores related to duck farms. Spray effectiveness usually lasts a month or renews as needed.

Acoustic Insect Repellent

Ducks like to settle in quiet places and avoid any sources of threat. Acoustic repellers emit sounds that mimic the cries and calls of predators, such as the sound of a predator attacking a duck or goose.

These sounds are very terrifying and frightening for the ducks, and as soon as they hear them, they will run away from this place because they will think that they are in danger.

The sonic repellent can be placed where you want to stop ducks from defecating. There are sonic repellents in a variety of sizes. You can choose the appropriate size for the place you want to keep the ducks away from.

Ultrasonic Sound

The easiest way to get ducks away from where you want them to stop defecation is to scare them away with loud noises. Various types of sound systems have been devised specifically designed to deter ducks from loitering in areas you do not want them to touch.

These devices make a high-pitched noise that will scare away ducks but cannot be detected by humans. These devices work based on sensing the movement of ducks, as these are activated by movement. As soon as they sense the movement of a bird around them, they will start working.

Fake Decoy

Ducks are afraid of predatory birds such as hawks, owls, and crows. You could place a fake decoy of one of these birds in the area where you want to stop the popping of the ducks. It is, in fact, what is most commonly used to keep ducks away.

There are a lot of plastic decoys in the shape of owls or hawks that look just like the real ones. You can get them from online stores or homeware stores. Put the predatory bird trap in a high place in the place where you want to keep the ducks away from it.

You will need to move it constantly once or twice every week so that the ducks do not get used to it and discover that it is fake and does not pose a danger to them.

Small Mirrors

Using mirrors to keep ducks away from the area where you want them to stop pooping is one of the easiest and cheapest options if you’re on a small budget. Where all you have to do is hang pieces of mirrors in the path of the ducks to the place you want to keep them away from.

You can buy it from anywhere, as it is available at cheap prices in almost all stores. You can hang them using any rope you have, fishing line, or tape.

These mirrors are useful in keeping ducks away from your place, as ducks do not like shiny and moving objects.

Mirrors also deceive the bird when it sees its reflection, and thinks that there is already another bird there, which confuses it, telling it that there will be competition for the source of food, which distracts them from completing their path and makes them leave.

Putting Fake Predators In The Pool

If you want to stop ducks pooping in your pool, this will be a very easy and effective way for you. There are many plastic figures in the form of a whale, shark, or snake that are inflated to float above the surface of the pool.

This is another great, effective, and cheap way to deter ducks from approaching and pooping in your pool. You can easily find them at homeware and swimming supply stores or online stores. When ducks see these fearsome predators floating in the pool they will hesitate to land in it and often return to where they were.


How Do I Stop My Duck From Pooping So Much?

Frequent pooping is a nature where ducks are brought in and cannot be controlled. you can only keep ducks away from places where you do not want to see ducks pooping. There are many of the ways that will help you keep ducks off your property where you don’t want them pooping which we have explained in detail above.

How Many Times Do Ducks Poop A Day?

Ducks poop about 15 times a day. The average adult duck poops every 30 minutes! This period can increase or decrease a little depending on the amount of food they eat, but it will be very close to this range anyway.

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