How To Get Ducks To Go In The Coop At Night? 4 Steps!

I have a chicken coop that opens onto a free yard. In the morning, I open the barn and my chickens automatically go out into the free yard and then when it gets dark they race me into the barn of their own accord. Recently I added several ducks to my barn, but they do not act like chickens.

They really like to wander in the wide yard. However, they do not do like chickens in the evening. They do not enter the barn at night, but rather stay outside, sleeping under any tree or in any cave!

They really disturbed the system of my barn, as I prefer to lock the birds in the evening so that I can be reassured about them. So I want to know how to put ducks away at night.

In fact, chickens have an innate instinct to go and find a safe place to roost before dark, so chickens will automatically go to their coop at night without your effort or need to direct them, as chickens tend to be more nimble than our ducks.

Ducks are similar to chickens when looking for a safe place to perch at night, but they may have some trouble knowing where to go. They may turn to any place of comfort, regardless of the coop, even though it may not be safe for them.

But you can certainly train the ducks to enter his barn at night like chickens, but it may take a little time and effort for the ducks to be trained to perform exactly by going out into the wide yard in the morning and returning to his barn by dark.

Here we have collected the most important tips for you about how to get ducks to go in the coop at night. Let us go deeper in the next lines.

How Do You Train Ducks To Go In The Coop At Night?

3 White Ducks At Farm

Here are the 4 main steps that we think are the most important to getting your ducks at home at night:

  1. Introducing Ducks To His Home.
  2. Keep Their Main Food Source In Their Enclosure.
  3. Postpone Dinner To The Night.
  4. Point Them To The Fold Using A Stick.

Now let’s have a conversation about each one of them:

Introducing Ducks To Their Home

If you have just brought in several ducks, you should let them know clearly which house they have to go to at night. So it would be better to keep them inside their barn for 5 to 7 days before allowing the ducks to go to the free range area. whereas

This will allow them to bond well with their enclosure and their surroundings and make them feel safe and comfortable in that place and that it is their comfortable home after running around in the yard.

Ducks are very habitual and can be taught certain habits easily, especially if they feel comfortable and secure. So, once their barn is associated with these feelings, they will automatically consider it a safe area for them to return to at night if it is directed to do so at first a few times, and then they will automatically do so by themselves.

Keep Their Main Food Source In Their Enclosure

Also, one of the things that increase the attachment of ducks to his barn and make him frequent it constantly is

Keep their main food source and a bucket of water in it. Once you have directed them to enter the enclosure at night, they will not mind and will keep you, knowing that they will be given food and drink and rest.

A little later you will find them used to it so that before dark or when it is time to put the ducks back into the coop, you will find them putting themselves to bed and back to their comfort zone on their own.

Postpone Dinner To The Night

If your ducks are tired of you and are not used to entering their barn at night, you should give them a little pain and delay their dinner until night. Then you put the food in their feeders inside the barn, in full view of them.

In this case, you will not have to call them or make any effort, as you will find them rushing to you inside the barn until they win their meal and satisfy their hunger.

Point Them To The Fold Using A Stick

If the ducks are unresponsive to you entering their enclosure, you will most likely need to redirect them to their enclosure using a stick or a long pole where you just have to point it at them without hitting or hurting them.

Ducks are more cowardly and docile than you can imagine, and they imitate each other very much, as they always like to be in their groups and not separate from them.

Guide them into the enclosure using a stick about 2 yards long. Walk behind them, facing right and left, until they congregate in the direction of the barn. Stroll and guide them gently so they don’t panic and hurt themselves if they try to move too fast.

You will find the response of the ducks very good, better than you expected. They will gather and follow their leader toward their barn with the utmost comfort.


Can You Leave Ducks Out At Night?

No, You should not leave ducks outside at night, as this puts them at risk of being eaten by predators, as ducks are easy prey for predators because they do not have many elements to defend themselves, as they are heavy in weight, slow in movement, and cannot escape from predators.

Also, many predators are active at night, as they attack quickly when the weather is calm and the lighting is dim at the beginning of the night or at dawn.
So, leaving ducks in the yard at night makes them a sure catch for predators that target ducks such as Hawks, owls, coyotes, mink, and foxes. So the most certain way to protect him from predators is to keep him in his own enclosure.

Do Ducks Need To Be Locked In A Coop At Night?

Yes, ducks need to be locked in a coop at night to protect them from being attacked by predators that are active at night. Also keeping them indoors at night is important to protect them from bad weather conditions such as wind, rain, and cold.

You can leave them and go in the evening while the weather is stable, but bad weather changes may occur after you leave at night and the ducks will continue to suffer through the night, which can lead to their death. so going to their private homes at night will keep them safe and in good health.

Will Ducks Go Into Their Coop At Night?

No, ducks do not have to do that, as they are the opposite of chickens that seek shelter when it is dark to perch on it. Ducks want to go to a comfortable place in the dark, but they do not have to go to their barn, rather they can sleep in any comfortable place under the trees or on the grass.

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