Are Silkie Chickens Friendly? Can You Have Them As Pets?

Silky chicken is an ancient breed of poultry that originated mainly in Southeast Asia in the past before the twelfth century. It is called Silkie because of its thin feathers, which some resemble Silkie.

Silkie has many unique qualities, the most important of which is its beautiful appearance, so it is often used in poultry shows. It is also unique in its dark skin color in addition to its flesh, bones, and earlobes. Silkie also contains five toes on each foot compared to four in other chicken breeds.

Okay, these was some of physical characteristics of silkie chicken. But what about its personality and nature, is it friendly or aggressive? This is what we will discuss in the next lines.

It may seem for some that the matter is not that important, but this is not true at all. Keeping a breed that has a calm nature and good personal qualities is very important, as this affects the safety of the entire herd in the barn. It also guarantees safety for you and your family members, especially if you have children.

Are Silkie Chickens Friendly?

Silkie Chicken on the grass

Yes, ٍSilkies are really very friendly. They are also social birds that love to interact with members of their flock and also interact well with humans. Silkies are gentle creatures that actively seek human companionship and love to socialize with others.

But, what are the reasons that led silkie chicken to be that friendly?

Very Friendly To Humans

Silkie chickens enjoy interacting with humans, as they are cheerful birds who bring pleasure to those who see them. They love to catch their owner caressing and hugging them, unlike other chicken breeds that often tend to flutter and squawk.

Silkie chicken will follow you everywhere and wait for rewards from you. you will always find them in your reception if you enter them. Silkies tend to chirp and chatter while you are with them and follow you. They will talk to you in their own way as they have a wide range of vocabulary that they express with squeaks, whistles, and clicks.

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If you have children, they will enjoy them very much and have fun with them. Their unique appearance and their soft-touch fur-like feathers will be very attractive to children. Moreover, they are safe for children as they do not peck or act aggressively.

Social Birds

Silkies are social birds and do not like to be isolated, rather they like to be in a flock to make friends and interact with them.

Not only are the chickens friendly, but the roosters are also so mellow and friendly, that they might even help the young chicks. Feeding and motivating them to learn to choose what is good to eat.

This brings us to an important consideration. Do Silkie chicken get lonely? It’s quite important to understand the social needs of these birds. The surprising answer is no! Despite being social birds, silkie chicken doesn’t get lonely when left alone.

Relaxed And Non-Confrontational

The silkie chickens are known for their peaceful nature, causing no harm to other birds. Even their roosters are quiet compared to the roosters of other breeds.

Silkie comes at the bottom of the pecking order and does not fly even at night like the rest of the birds that fly to sleep on high domes at night. Instead, the silkies sleep in their place on the ground in any corner or side.

This point must be well taken into account, their safety is an advantage, but it also has a negative side. Unfortunately, their safety makes them vulnerable to bullying from other birds, and also makes them easy prey for predators.

So you must choose well silkies mates. you should not put them with more assertive breeds like Rhode Island Reds. They will do well when mixed with other docile breeds that get along soundly with others such as the Polish or Cochin.

They Are Deposit

These birds adapt to most environments, whether confinement or free range. The fact that they are friendly and calm makes them ideal to keep as a pet in the home garden or even in the apartment.

Silkie chickens also excel as pets because they are easy-to-care-for birds. They do not have many demands, and they are very quiet even though their egg song is unobtrusive and softly performed. They generally behave quietly and they cannot fly so they will not disturb you or your neighbors. 

They eat any food that is given to them, and they also work with you on insect control as they pick insects from your barn and feed on them. Even when sleeping they will take themselves to bed undisturbed.

They are small birds that do not require much space in general. It can be kept in close places compared to large birds, provided that there is enough space to roam. But like most chickens, they enjoy the free range and love to roam the yard. Keep in mind that the free space or the yard must be completely secured and closed to keep hawks away and other predators.

In addition to their cowardice and their inability to fly, the feathers above their eyes greatly weaken their vision, and therefore they do not notice that there is an enemy coming upon them.

You can learn more about what made silkie chickens such a popular breed by reading our guide on what are silkies used for?


Are Silkies Aggressive?

Not at all, as we mentioned that they are very friendly and none of their breeders reported any aggressive behavior. 

Do Silkie Chickens Like To Be Held?

Yes, they really like to be held because they are friendly and social birds to a large extent, they love the company of people and seek to cling to them and embrace them.

What Problems Do Silkie Chickens Have?

Silkie is healthy and often resistant to diseases. but it is more susceptible to lice and mites due to its delicate feathers. so it is important that they are checked weekly regularly for parasites. In the event that parasites are found in any chicken.

The entire flock must be treated as the infection may spread through the entire flock. Also check for symptoms of silkworms regularly, because silkworms are another serious disease that can cause major problems for the flock if not quickly cured.

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