The 2 Chicken Breeds That Lay Cream Colored Eggs

When you go to the supermarket, you will find that chicken eggs come in different colors, the most common ones are brown and white.

But in general, the color of the eggs does not affect the nutrients in the egg, as the color of the eggshell depends mainly on the breed of chicken, in addition to other factors such as the environment of the chicken and the level of stress the chicken is exposed to.

The various eggshell colors that we see come from the pigments that chickens produce. For example, the main pigment in brown eggshells is called protoporphyrin IX.

It is a pigment made from heme, the same compound that gives blood its red color. While the main pigment that gives eggshells blue is called biliverdin and it is also from heme.

The same pigment that gives bruised skin a blue-green color. However, there are no realistic differences in the nutritional value of the different colors of eggs. In the end, you eat a meal that is useful and full of nutrients.

The important point for you is what the chicken feeds on. If the chicken feeds on healthy food and is not packed with medicines and antibiotics, then it will be the best option for you.

However, some people have special preferences in the type and shape of food, for example, they prefer a certain color in apples or a certain color in eggs, and so on.

Because we would like to share with you everything you are looking for in relation to poultry farming, we have conducted comprehensive research to collect the egg strains that lay creamy eggs.

In this article, we are presenting 2 chicken breeds that lay creamy eggs and their most important features.

What Chickens Lay Cream Colored Eggs?

There are 2 main chicken breeds that produce cream colored eggs which are:

  1. Australorps
  2. Salmon Faverolles

Now, let’s deep down into the detailed of each one of them:

1. Australorps

Australorps Chickens

Australorp chicken will catch your eye when you see it, as it will impress you with its majestic appearance, as it is characterized by a wide and large body with a royal gait, with unique glossy black feathers that give a green glow when the sun’s rays fall on it.[1]

Its legs are clean of feathers and are usually blue or black in color and each leg has four toes. This breed is considered a large bird, as it is distinguished by its deep, round, and plump body. Where hens weigh about 6 lbs – 8 lbs and roosters 8 lbs – 10 lbs! 

Egg Color And Production 

As for their eggs, they are creamy egg machines! As one of these chickens recorded its peak production of 364 cream-colored eggs in 365 days!

It is distinguished by its medium-sized eggs with a light cream color. But usually, their average egg production in a backyard environment is around 4-5 eggs per week at a rate of S

an average of 200-250 per year.

Australorp Personality 

Australorp loves to roam and forage and enjoy picking insects and grubs from the ground so they love to be free in spacious yards. Being out in nature in the sun helps them thrive, stay healthy and produce healthy eggs on a regular basis.

They start laying eggs at around 16 to 20 weeks old, once they reach 18 weeks you can feed them pellets with a standard 16% layer during the laying season. It will work well with other scraps of food.

During the molting process, the protein portion of their food should increase by up to 18-20% protein. This will help them regrow their feathers quickly while keeping their protein stores from running out.

Additional calcium should also be provided if the chicken needs it, but it should not be mixed with the chicken, but rather it should be provided separately to the chickens who need it only because too much calcium causes harm as well as its lack.

Health Issues 

As for health problems, they do not suffer from certain health diseases and have a high resistance to diseases because they have a large genome diversity.

They are very easy to maintain and care for and adapt to any conditions, even cold, and they are also good in confinement, although they prefer free range. They have a very friendly personality and respond wonderfully to humans, making them ideal pets.

2. Salmon Faverolles

Faverolles Chicken

These chickens come with a deep and wide body, with wide backs and chests also. Their feathers descend in a wide and loose image, which makes them appear much larger than they are.

Egg Color And Production 

In terms of egg production, they are good layers, as they produce medium-sized, cream-colored eggs (very light brown). A Faverolles hen will lay for you on average about 180-200 eggs per year! At the rate of about 4 eggs per week.

The advantage here is also that it keeps laying eggs during the winter. They also hold meat well so you can keep them as a dual-purpose chicken. They are not very broody but they are considered average, as they can go brooding once a year.


They are inquisitive, enthusiastic, and very talkative chickens with a gentle and cute nature that makes them a great choice for children to play with as pets. They love their owner and will always run to him when they see him coming for treats or a hug.

It works well at home or in the backyard, tolerates confinement well also, and does not show any bad cage habits, which has increased its popularity and spread.

They love to wander and if they are allowed to move away from their range they are good foragers. They also don’t fly well so they don’t need high fences to keep them in to prevent them from escaping. Although they love the free range, they are also happy in a smaller range and will do well in confinement.

They are very docile and come at the bottom of the click order, they are not aggressive at all. Rather, they will be a source of joy for your family.

They do funny and comical antics that will bring a smile to your face when you see them. They are very cute chickens that work well with children. Even her roosters are known to be gentle and non-aggressive.

Health Issues 

Their beards and legs are feathered, making them more susceptible to lice. So it must be checked regularly until the problem is noticed. Feathers may make it difficult to spot lice.

A regular dust bath will be a suitable solution for controlling chin and leg lice. But you have to be careful when dusting them so that the dust does not come close to the eyes and beaks as it can irritate them. But in general other than this point Faverolles is a strong and healthy birds that can live healthy for 5-7 years.

Light Sussex

Sussex chicken is characterized by being graceful, long, and broad in appearance, with broad shoulders and a rectangular body. It can be raised as a dual-purpose chicken as it excels in both egg laying and meat production and it is super in both.

They have white skin and white legs with 4 toes on each foot. Their eyes will usually be either red or orange depending on which type you get. There were other colors such as silver, brown and red, but they are extinct and are now rare

They love to forage and are very adept at obtaining a variety of sources for their food. They can rely on themselves for food, yet tolerate confinement. They adapt to any climate, whether hot or cold, as long as there is a shelter in which they can take refuge from extreme conditions.

Egg Color And Production 

Sussex is considered good egg layers, they lay about 4-5 large creamy eggs per week. The special thing about them is that they continue to lay eggs during the winter when most other hens stop laying eggs. They might take a break when molting only. They also tend to be great babysitters and mothers.


Sussex has a calm, docile, and friendly nature. They are a wonderful breed for families as they are sociable and love to deal with humans and are non-aggressive. Even roosters are known to be not aggressive. So they should not be put into opportunistic or aggressive breeds as they are in

Below the pecking order, they will be vulnerable to bullying from the dominant strains.

Health Issues 

In terms of health, it is a low-maintenance breed and is not susceptible to diseases and health problems, except for obesity, as it is more susceptible to obesity. But it can be taken as an advantage as it can be fattened quickly in order to obtain a delicious and abundant amount of meat from it.

It does not require you to take any specific measures to keep them, just basic care of food, water, and safe shelter

Sussex chicken is a great starter for beginners.

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