How High Can Nigerian Dwarf Goats Jump?

The Nigerian Dwarf Goat is an ideal livestock for beginners and those who do not have large areas as they can be kept in both large and small homes. However, owners of large yards can benefit from these miniature goats as well.

Nigerian dwarf goats are very useful animals in terms of milk production and to be taken as pets, as they are low maintenance, they can clean tons of brush, and in return, they produce high-quality milk and meat.

Some may not have experience with Nigerian dwarf goats, and many things baffle them and they are looking for them to raise dwarf goats.

We have done a lot of research to answer your most important inquiries. In the coming lines, we will address the answer to one of the most common questions about raising Nigerian dwarf goats, which is: do Nigerian dwarf goats jump fences? and others related questions.

Goat fencing can be confusing to some as there are so many opinions and ideas about what works and what doesn’t.

How High Can Nigerian Dwarf Goats Jump?

Nigerian Dwarf Goat

Nigerian dwarf goats can jump over four-foot fences despite their small size, which deceives some.  Goat owners think that as long as the Nigerian dwarf goats have a small size, they can live with a short fence.[1]

These dwarf goats scramble and climb to try to jump over fences. So keep this in mind and secure them with a suitable fence so they don’t escape. 

These goats are characterized by great curiosity and vitality, and they do not stop running and moving. 

How Long Does it Take for Nigerian Dwarf Goats to Reach Full Size?

The young Nigerian goat breed usually reaches maturity when it is 24 months old. 

At maturity, at this age, Nigerian goats weigh around 50 to 80 lbs with very little difference in size between males and females. Goats (intact, unneutered males) tend to weigh a little more than neutered males. The ideal weight for these goats is usually approx 75 lbs.

How Tall Do Nigerian Dwarf Goats Get?

The bucks of Nigerian dwarf goats can stand 19 to 20 inches but not get taller than that. Their does can stand no taller than 17 to 19 inches.

What is the Best Fence for Nigerian Dwarf Goats? 

There are several types of wires that are used to secure dwarf goats, and it cannot be certain that any of them is better than the others, but each of them has several characteristics that include positives and negatives. 

Therefore, the choice is made between them according to the circumstances and requirements of each goat breeder. There is welded wire fencing, electric fencing, and woven wire fencing. 

But whatever you choose, it will be safe in the end. Different goat fencing options and combinations can likely be used successfully to contain Nigerian dwarf goats.

The type of fence will likely depend on the goats themselves as well as the installation of the fence as there are different heights and sizes of wire squares. So no one can decide for you which goat fencing option is best for you. 

It would be best to decide on your own depending on your needs. Let us help you by presenting you with the general pros and cons of each fence so that things become clear and help you make a decision.

Welded Wire

Welded wire is a type of fence where the squares are welded together.


Welded wire is among the cheapest goat fencing options.


Not as strong as woven wire. Depending on the condition, age, and sex of your goats. You can decide whether your goat will be able to scrub the wire away or not. Often this type of wire is not suitable for bucks Where they are strong enough to run over and penetrate.

Woven Wire

Woven wire fences are made of squares that are woven at the corners.  


They are very strong and durable and tend to work efficiently and withstand more wear and tear. It has a long life and can last for a much longer time.


Woven fence is probably the most expensive option for goat fencing.

Electric Fencing 

As indicated by its name, it is used in electricity as a form of insurance. It is a high-tensile wire attached to a charger to make the fence too hot or electric for goats to approach.


Installation is straightforward, and it likely stands out as the most economical choice among the three goat fencing options. Electric tape can be employed to create anywhere from two to seven strands for added versatility.


A significant drawback of electric goat fencing is the presence of a gap that some Nigerian dwarf goats may need to navigate.

It can take a lot of work to make sure that the bottom strand of the fence doesn’t touch the grass so it stays hot and doesn’t lose its heat.

How Tall Does a Fence Need to Be for Nigerian Dwarf Goats? 

A 48-inch wire fence tends to be the best height for fencing Nigerian-footed goats, as it is long enough that most pygmy goats cannot jump over it even if they try. 

If you are using electric fencing for your pygmy goats, it would be best to make your leads up to the 48-inch mark as well. 

Do not reduce the height of the fence from this height, whether it is electric or wire, based on the fact that the goats are dwarf. Dwarf goats tend to jump high, so if the wire fence is 36 inches or so, some goats will be able to jump over it.

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