6 Sweetest Types Of Grapes For Grape Lovers!

Grapes are one summer season fruits that are most well-known for their delicious taste and great benefits to the body. They are rich in nutrients with multiple properties. But when you think about which type to grow or buy from the market, you may be confused as you will find that there are many types of grapes that differ in their colors, sizes and taste.

Thinking how confusing this may be for some people or even farmers, We did our research and made some effort to put together 6 types of grapes that we think are the sweetest!

What Grapes Are The Sweetest?

red grapes on the tree

Here is our collection of grapes that we think are the sweetest between all types:

  1. Cotton Candy
  2. Crimson
  3. Red Globe
  4. Dominga
  5. Autumn Royal
  6. Black Monukka

Curious about more details? Let’s jump to it:

Cotton Candy

What a wonderful taste and very sweet! If you find a plate full of cotton candy grapes, it is difficult to get up before you devour it because of its intense sweetness! It is a very wonderful type of table grape for children who do not want to eat the fruit a lot because it was developed through hybridization specifically to obtain this wonderful taste. It was not widespread before, but it has become very widespread now.

The Cotton Candy grape is a new grape variety that was first developed in 2011 in California by horticulturist David Cain and his team at International Fruit Genetics in Bakersfield. Cain hybridized these two grape species, Vitis vinifera, and Muscadinia rotundifolia, Concord grape in a trial to get a sweet grape and this is what actually happened, he got the sweetest grapes ever! This wasn’t his first experience, but he was destined to conduct hundreds of experiments to get a kind of grape with a sweet taste without any seeds. Before he got this amazing result, Cain planted nearly a hundred thousand plants in test tubes in his lab.

It is the sweetest type of grape, as it is characterized by a very sweet taste with an insignificant acidity, unlike other types of grapes.They were called by this name because they taste very sweet, similar to the flavor of cotton candy. [1]

Cotton candy grapes are distinguished by their pale green color, small round size, and their thin skin. It differs from other types of grapes, as they do not grow in the usual agricultural fields. Rather, it needs to be kept in tubes at a warm temperature with regular irrigation to grow well.

The cultivation of cotton candy grapes has spread in many countries now, and it can be obtained from most markets or online markets. It spreads widely from July to October.


The Crimson grape needs no introduction, as many of us love its delicious sweet. It originated in 1989 from the breeding program of the United States Department of Agriculture. It is a major fruit variety in some countries and is widely spread in the markets due to its ease of transportation and storage.

Crimson grapes ripen most of the time near the end of the grape season, so you will find it more with the beginning of the departure of other types of grapes. Crimson is a light red seedless grape, bright red in size compared to other types of grapes, tending to a cylindrical-oval shape. Its skin is thick and its flesh is crunchy with a sweet flavor. Juicy and healthy, it is rich in antioxidants that have major health benefits. Improves heart health, enhances focus and cognition.

Red Globe 

Red Globe is a red grape. It is classified as one of the most pleasant and delicious grapes to eat due to its sweet taste, although there are some pips that cause a slight discomfort.

It is distinguished by its round shape, large and round size, and its color varies from light pink to dark red. Red Globe is the most popular grape in many countries of the Middle East, Asia, Eastern Europe, and China. Red Globe Grapes are known for their sweet taste and plumpness with good juice content. Crispy and delicious with very low acidity content. The only drawback is that there are some pips in each pill.


Dominga grape is a delicious variety of table grapes, characterized by its sweet and very rich flavor, round shape with yellow skin, comes in large bunches of grapes, and contains a small percentage of seeds.

Dominga grape Easy to grow, fairly fast growing, and grows well in sunny and protected places. When its growth is complete, it will give you abundant quantities of delicious, sweet grapes.

Autumn Royal

One of the types of grapes that is characterized by its dark purple to black color, sweet taste, transparent yellow-green flesh. It was first developed in 1996 by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA).

It is very good as a delicious table fruit as it is mostly seedless, large, oval berries with a crunchy skin and a firm texture. Autumn Royal is Late in maturity, but gives a high quality crop when harvested

It is harvested from mid-March to mid-April. Autumn Royal may develop seeds when grown in different climatic conditions. Most of the time the seeds are largely imperceptible, but sometimes they may grow more solid enough to be detected while eating the grapes.

Black Monukka

Its main origin is unknown, but it came to England from India, and then moved from England to the United States in the early twentieth century in 1910. It has a rich sweet flavor, which is why it is widely sold in food stores. Its black color, thin skin, and medium size. It comes crunchy without seeds.

After we get acquainted with the sweet types of grapes, we may wonder whether the sugar in grapes is harmful or not, as we all know that sugar may cause health problems, so let us clarify this point in the coming lines.


Which grapes are sweeter red or green?

In most cases, red grapes are sweeter than green grapes, due to the lack of acid in red grapes compared to green grapes, which tend to be slightly acidic.

Which grapes are the sweetest red or black?

Black grapes and red grapes are both sweet, but black grapes may be slightly sweeter than red grapes.

Are sweet grapes fattening?

According to some recent studies, grapes do not cause weight gain, but rather help reduce weight sometimes! Especially red and black grapes, because they contain powerful antioxidants known as resveratrol that help lower blood sugar and stimulate the development of good fats instead of bad fats that cause obesity. Ellagic acid, found only in red grapes, helps in burning fat, slows the growth of existing fat cells and deters the formation of new fat cells.

Are black seedless grapes sweet?

Yes, as most types of seedless black grapes taste sweet, including the grapes we mentioned above, such as Autumn Royal, and Black Monukka other types such as, Summer Royal, and Black Emerald.

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